12 Goals. Who prayed for Angels


1. People who sleep in a state of purity.

“Those who sleep in a state of purity, the angels will be with her in her dress. He will not wake up to the angels pray ‘O Allah, forgive the servant so and so because sleeping in a state of purity.” (Reported by Imam Ibn Hibban of Abdullah bin Umar)

2. People who were sitting waiting for the prayer.

“It’s not one of you who sit waiting for the prayer, as long as he is in a state of purity, but the angels will pray” O Allah, forgive him. ‘God spare it’ (Narrated by Imam Muslim from Abu Hurayrah, Saheeh Muslim, 469)

3. The people who were in the forefront of rows in prayer in congregation.

“Verily Allah and His angels shalawat to (people – people) who are in rows – rows leader” (Imam Abu Dawud (and Ibn Khuzaimah) from Bara ‘bin’ Azib)

4. People who connect rows on prayer (not allowing a vacuum in the rows).

“Verily, Allah and the angels always shalawat to people who connect rows-rows” (The Imam Ahmad, Ibn Majah, Ibn Khuzaimah, Ibn Hibban and Al-Hakim narrated from Aisha)

5. The angels say ‘aamin’ when the Imam finished reading Al-Fatihah.

“If an Imam reads’ ghairil maghdhuubi ‘alaihim waladh dhaalinn’, then recite the guys’ aamiin ‘, because whoever it coincides with the greeting words of angels, then he will be forgiven his sins are past” (Reported by Imam Bukhari from Abu Hurairah, Sahih Bukhari 782)

6. People who sit in the prayer after prayer.

“The angels will always shalawat (pray) to one of you as long as he is in the prayer hall where he was praying, as long as he has not been canceled wudhunya, (the angels) said, ‘O Allah, forgive and spare it'” (Reported by Imam Ahmad from Abu Hurayrah, Al Musnad no. 8106)

7. The people who perform the morning prayer and ‘Asr in congregation.

“The angels gathered at the morning prayer and the angels (who accompanies servant) at night (which was on duty the night until dawn) up (to the sky), and the angels during the day to stay on. Then they gathered again at the time of prayer ‘ ashar and angels assigned by day (to pray ‘Asr) up (to the sky) while the angels were on duty at night to stay, and God said to them,’ How can you leave my servant? ‘they replied,’ We came, while they were praying and left them while they were praying, so forgive them on the Day of Resurrection ‘”(Reported by Imam Ahmad from Abu Hurayrah, Al Musnad no. 9140)

8. People who pray for his brother without the knowledge of those who prayed.

“The prayer of a Muslim for his brother committed without the knowledge of the person praying is prayer will be granted. On his head is an angel who became deputy for him, whenever he prays for his brother with a kindness, the angels say ‘thou aamiin and get what he got ‘(Imam Muslim from Ummud Darda’, Sahih Muslim 2733)

9. People who berinfak.

“Not a single day where there are morning a servant to him except two angels came down to him, one of the two said, ‘O Allah, give me change for people who berinfak.” And the other says,’ O Allah, destroy the property of the stingy ‘ “(Reported by Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim from Abu Hurairah, Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim 1442 1010)

10. People who are eating a meal.

“Verily Allah and His angels shalawat (pray) to people who are eating a meal” Insha Allah, including when dawn for fasting “sunnah” (Reported by Imam Ibn Hibban and Imam Ath Thabrani, from Abdullah ibn Umar)

11. People who are visiting the sick.

“It is not a believer to see his brother but Allah will send 70,000 angels for him to be shalawat him anytime of the day until late at night and anytime until dawn” (Reported by Imam Ahmad from ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib, Al Musnad 754)

12. Someone who was teaching kindness to others.

“The virtue of a pious worship like an expert on keutamaanku on a least one of you. Indeed the inhabitants of heaven and earth, even the ant in its hole and even fish, all shalawat to the person who teaches goodness to others” (Reported by Imam Tirmidhi from Abu Umamah Al Bahily)

Wallahua’lam shawwab bish.


Tutorial Pashmina Simpel

Tutorial Pashmina Simpel

Assalamualaikum ukhti ^ ^
I want to share another tutorial with hijab veil paris ..
yaa hopefully useful …

1. paris triangle scarf
2. Moroccan inner
3. + 2 pin brooch / pin

1. Moroccan inner use and wear hoods paris with the same length (ga have created a triangle)
2. take all the parts the veil from right to left
3. (rear after step2)
4. take the long hood section from the left and turn to the right shoulder
5. Pin the end of the hood with a needle / pin
6. grab the front of the left, pull back and pinned with a pin / pin
7. (rear after step6)
8. accecories add brooches to beautify the scarf ^ ^
9. finish ..

Tutorial Hijab Simple

Tutorial Hijab Simple

step by step:
provide hijab paris
1. Fold into a triangle hijab ..
2. & 3. Pin with a pin to the right side ..
4. Take part in the left side of the veil ..
5. Raise the ear hook with a pin on the outside of the hijab ..
6. Spread the hijab right ..
7. Take it to the left shoulder ..
8. Pin with a needle in the back of the head ..
9. Take the remaining left upper hijab ..
10. & 11. Pin with a needle .. # finish ^ ^

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Character of a man is revealed by how he treats women.
And a man’s character can be seen how he treats his wife.

A good man will always respect women.
And a good husband will always glorify his wife.

An honorable man would never mock a woman.
And an honorable man would never hurt his wife.

ARRIJALU qawwamuna ‘ALAN NISA’I (The man is a leader for women)

Then be a good leader.
So treat women well.
So bimbimglah women well.
So honor the women well.

Rather than vice versa.

Encouraging women to perform disobedience.
Making a woman to misled.

And remember.
We honor the mothers are women too.

Beauty Hijab


Greetings beautiful everything ..
To the sista and ukhti-ukhti are often confused ‘MIX’ and ‘MATCH’ headscarf or hijab, here are some tips to consider loh …
Is very important to create a veil that would mix and match with clothes .. let’s see!

1. Choose a basic color

Choose basic colors. Jilbab with basic colors such as black, white, gray, mocca or beige. If you dare, can also choose other colors like pink, blue and others. But make sure you have a base color, because it is more easily combined with any outfit.

2. Solid For motif or vice versa

When you use the motif clothing, use a plain headscarf. When you use plain clothes, use a scarf motif. Tricks like this are very easy and safe for the trouble you mix and match clothing Muslim. In addition, to avoid the impression in dress tacky or overdone.

3. Accessories Multifunction

Choose accessories that work for a variety of events. For example, flower brooch. The flower brooch paired with any outfit and headscarf basic colors can already make you look special, but keep it simple. Choose a brooch with a medium-size and shape that is not too crowded.

4. color line

For those of you who have not been able to mix and match clothing with headscarves, aligning the color of clothing could be an alternative. For example, a gray scarf paired with a white shirt and a long black skirt. Milk or brown scarf, white shirt paired with bones, and black subordinates to match any color.

These tips are very useful for you who are beginners in using the veil. The key is to avoid an overly busy patterns and colors are a hit and run. May be useful 🙂


Food Additives Containing Harmful Substances

Food Additives Containing Hazardous Substances – Today there are many foods that circulated widely in the market which is very dangerous for the health of the human body so that we must be careful and cautious seblum buy and consume food. Well here are 5 types Containing Food Additives Harmful Substances which should be avoided.


1. Soda and drinks containing artificial sweeteners
Often the beverage packaging has different taste healthier than the use of sugar to sweeten the drink at home. Whereas most bottled drinks containing artificial sweeteners are much more dangerous than regular sugar.

Aspartame, saccharin and sucralose are several types of artificial sweeteners are very popular and are often used in soft drinks, juice packaging, chewing gum, and other foods.

Artificial sweeteners are not only at increased risk for diabetes but can also lead to obesity. To protect themselves from the risk of disease because of the artificial sweetener, reduce the consumption of sodas and bottled drinks are not healthy, limit also use raw sugar and replace it with natural sweeteners such as pure honey.

2. Food and soft drinks containing high fructose corn syrup
High-fructose corn syrup is a sweet liquid that 6 times sweeter than sugar cane. Corn syrup is often added to processed foods such as soft drinks, spices, applesauce, and toast or cereal food that looks dangerous.

Consumption of high-fructose corn syrup is linked to the risk of obesity, brain damage, low IQ, and even mercury poisoning. Avoid consumption of foods and drinks that looked suspicious and has a sweet taste that is too sharp.

3. Foods containing vegetable oils and trans fats
Many people also have misunderstood the use of unsaturated vegetable oil is used as a healthy alternative from unsaturated fats in foods. But vegetable oils can turn rancid more quickly, so it can be like a poison in the body.

Consumption of foods containing vegetable oils high in kadart can cause severe health problems such as heart disease and cancer. Vegetable oils derived mostly from genetically modified organisms including canola oil, soybeans, and corn through the pros hydrogenation.

Better to use sources of healthy unsaturated fats such as butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and flax oil to improve health and reduce the risk of disease.

4. White bread and foods made from refined flour

Foods made from refined white flour such as white bread, pasta and other foods is one of the most common health destroyer today. White flour products are carcinogenic because bleached through various processes.

In addition, white flour also lose essential nutrients of wheat when undergoing the process of bleaching. Avoid foods made from white flour and all processed grain products to optimize health.

5. Foods that contain MSG and refined salt

Monosodium glutamate or MSG is known by the term, often hidden in foods with a deceptive name. MSG is a chemical salt that can cause headaches, heart problems, brain damage, and other problems if consumed in high levels and the long period of time.

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Al Quran is The Holy Book of The Noblest


(Part 1 of 7) of the Qur’an is the holy book is the noblest, greatest, and most super. Imagine, one billion more readers today, and more than half of the audience did not understand what they read (but keep the spirit of reading), and even when it does not understand, still could cry. Will you read the book 600-page Russian-language, it would not be robust even up to page 2, surrender.

(Part 2 of 7) of the Qur’an is the holy book is the noblest, greatest, and most super. Imagine, he maintained, guarded, not by such a knight templar or freemanson fraternity, but he was guarded by thousands penghafal, who even memorize each letter and punctuation, with no promise of any kind (especially wealth, power, prestige) except in the eyes of God’s glory.

(Part 3 of 7) of the Qur’an is the holy book is the noblest, greatest, and most super. Because there would be no Muslims the most ignorant (stupid) and the non-Muslim who says he hates even got the other version of the Qur’an. although there is no debate about one millimeter, there is only one version of the Qur’an (let alone one version with different chapters, unlike the single word does not exist)

(Part 4 of 7) of the Qur’an is the holy book is the noblest, greatest, and most super. Since the book is the best lighting even when the light is taken in the face of the earth, and the universe is terrible disarray, beset intergalactic storm. Especially if the only upset, hurt, sadness and other feelings disease.

(Part 5 of 7) of the Qur’an is the holy book is the noblest, greatest, and most super. Since the book reported events were selected in the future, and tells the events of the past were elected, to him, the reader can take lessons present. No earlier versions, there is no sequel. Always relevant throughout the ages.

* Part 6 and 7 I post it sometime, God willing, when it’s complete. repost

~Note from Tere Liye