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“How can we know the girl is good for us?”

The question: “How can we know the girl or boyfriend is good for us?”

Answer: There are so many way. One of the only (and obviously this is just one of a kind) is, see how he’s keeping himself honor, and the honor of the people around him.

Honor yourself is about keeping feelings, dressed (if she’s a Muslim, by the way he was kept closing his private parts), look (do not make men become tempted), bring yourself (wherever he is he can always put himself and brings himself) , hanging out and so on. Honor the people around him is about putting, respect and treat others, ranging from how to talk to the attitudes and actions. If he likes pointing, ordering, denied haphazardly, definitely not. If he even dressed just do not feel important, obviously not.

If she can keep honor yourself and honor the people around him, then he is very close to being able to keep the honor of her husband and his family later.

~Nice post : Darwis Tere Liye


Nice Quote From Tere Liye

Some changes out of necessity.
Some were changed after paying expensive with much sadness.
Some were changed after repentance and tears.

So orang2 who are lucky enough that change with learning from others’ experiences. From the readings, advice, observing. Before already.

From the above statement we can learn a lot, that to change for the better we must not experience bitter events that directly, because we can take lessons from any incident experienced by others.

Ready she was kept for Special Events and Party


Well i want a party invitation. Ease grooming like what? As a Muslim, of course, obliged to keep the genitals remain closed and still looks okay though understated look. Here are some tips from Vemale for a stylish appearance but polite to come to the party.

1. Inner Ninja

Always use inner ninja hijab, because it will allow you to perform any veil creations. Besides better coverage inner ninja in the closing part of the head to the neck than the other inner veil. Customise the color of the inner veil and hijab clothing that you will use. Usually people use the inner veil come off to deliver the luxury. But if the form of the inner veil is thus incompatible with the shape of your face, no matter using ordinary inner ninja headscarf.

2. Clothing

Use the maxi dress, because it will make you look more graceful. If you are a women who had a male trait, use a loose tops and wide like a robe or a knee-length kaftan and mix with dark pants. increation veil is simple and neat, the result will be more polite and gracious. Use the hijab headscarf without motive because it sounded more elegant and not too crowded.

3. Make Up

Affirmed the eyes by using eye liner. Use soft colors on the lips, such as soft pink, nude, soft orange, and then applied a little lip gloss to sparkle effects. Use foundation or BB Cream to provide a more smooth and evenly. apply powder and blush color adjusted.

4. Perfume

You will meet a lot of people, so you need to look convincing. Use the perfume that suits your personality. Do not over or excessive use of perfume as it will only make others uncomfortable with your body scent.

5. Accessories

Because, basically, he was kept was not to attract attention, do not overdo the accessories you use. When you use accessories that sparkle and blink-blink kinds of gemstones and gold, use only on one part only. If you do not like to be flashy, flower brooch with feather accents can be an alternative that makes you look feminine.

We tend to want to look very special for the party. Actually you need to do to attend a party that probably only 30 minutes or a few hours, just look neat and clean. However, the current hijab fashion is highly developed and we can be creative with the appearance of the hijab but still simple.

Hopefully the above tips can help you prepare for your special hijab appearance to the party, Ladies.

Tutorial Pashmina Chifon 2

Tutorial Pashmina Chifon 2

Never be bored to do the hijab creations. Love it if you hijab looks mediocre. Hijab look attractive is not always complicated. Hijab tutorial below will help you to add your full hijab styles collection everyday.

1. Use your chiffon pashmina after wearing ninja. The right side is shorter than the left side of the pashmina.

2. Pin both ends under the chin with a pashmina to use safety pins as you can see in the picture.

3. Take the long pashmina and lift up to the top of your head.

4. Let the long pashmina hanging down to the left side of your face

5. Take the right side of the pashmina, point to the back of your neck. Do the same thing at the end of the pashmina that hung on the left side of your face.

6. Simple is not it? You can use these pashmina style as casual or formal.

good luck hijabers 🙂

From: Tutorial Hijab Style

Tutorial Pashmina Chiffon

Tutorial Pashmina Chiffon

Face Cheerful With Chiffon Silk Pashmina

You want to change your appearance a bit of style any time. Similarly, because of headscarves. There are times when you feel comfortable with the style of your veil. However, there is no harm in changing the style of your veil occasionally. Check out the tutorial below and find yourself interested to try:

1. Wear your pashmina chiffon. Let both sides have different lengths. Pin the right and left side pashmina attached to your head with a pin.

2. Pull both sides to the back of the neck in the opposite direction. The left side of the neck behind the right, and vice versa.

3. Bring the long sides to the front of your chest. Lift edges.

4. Take a long piece into your shoulder. Let the long pashmina depend behind your shoulder. Now, lift the short.

5. Take a long piece into your shoulder. Let the long pashmina depend behind your shoulder. Now, lift the short.

6. Simple huh? Now the model is no longer your pashmina mediocre.

Good luck ^ _ ^

Tutorial Hijab Pashmina

Tutorial Hijab Pashmina

Back creative with tie dye pashmina. This time we will try our unique ethnic style. Of course, make more beautiful appearance. Just 3 minutes to make an appearance so different, so do not use it long? Let’s start from the first step.

1. Use the inner veil that covered up to the neck, because we will use a model turban. Use your favorite tie dye pashmina. One side is longer than the other. If you want to use directly on the ethnic necklace (no latch connector) should be used since using the inner veil.

2. Grab both sides of pashmina, lift slightly and hold it as shown.

3. By continuing to hold both sides of the pashmina, put them in front of the head. FIRST pashmina shorter side. then wrapped one time with a long side. Continue with short side until almost gone.

4. After a short pashmina side near the tip, pinned without the use of needles, but wrap the end of the short side to the long side of the pashmina.

5. Lilit continue long pashmina side until almost gone. When it is low, tuck in between pashmina bandage. To keep the position does not move, you can embed a safety pin or a pin.

6. Lilit continue long pashmina side until almost gone. When it is low, tuck in between pashmina bandage. To keep the position does not move, you can embed a safety pin or pin

Tutorial Hijab With Headband

Tutorial Hijab With Headband

Pretty Hijab Style With Flower Headbands

Would appear feinim but still look beautiful? You can still wear a bandana with floral accents or to sweeten the look. Try this hijab style, practical and make you look beautiful.

1. Moroccan Ciput
2. Hijab paris small flowers with a slight accent or plain
3. Bandana accented with small flowers
4. Some pin or pin

The steps:
1. Use ciput Moroccan, fold into a triangle scarf paris.

2. Wear a long veil paris with the right and left alike.

3. Bring paris scarf through the neck to the right front, then pinned with a safety pin on the back of the left ear.

4. Cover the embedded earlier in hijab paris on the left.

5. The remaining contacts will end jilbab paris, merge into one and take it through
left shoulder. Wear bandana fabric with floral accents at the top of the head. Adjust the position as you wish.