Why I was kept (Hijab) …. ?


Honestly, I do not have a definitive answer, I JUST want to go home, back to GOD … I can feel is is not the time again I ran ran for happiness version of the world of course … that once I get it all and I feel that this is not, and is not the meaning of happiness, then WHERE?

And I take the leap to find GOD, and my first step was wearing a hijab. The idea is the source of my romantic nature, If I want to get closer to my boyfriend the first thing is I need to beautify themselves, GOD like women who cover their private parts with hijab, Muslim woman jewelry is a solehah depraved, people will recognize that I was Muslims because of my headscarf, because if not then I do not have anyone with that instead … yes ONLY is my first step. This ONLY.

Then pull the pull GOD continue wrenched my crown to release all the attributes kejahiliahan me … NO I am aware, I began to love the things that led to the owner of my breath, without my knowing I drifted goodness, I sank didanau recitals, my stranded illalang wilderness containing dhikr, I crowned the Quran and Hadith, I suddenly loved tahajud, I became like a dancer in a sentence Taubah and hamdalah)

In the process later, I started to leave my mini skirt, stopped wearing a tank top, short sleeve blouse even especially my shorts away I uninstall … Then I started to stop coloring and straightening my hair waves … and somehow I feel more beautiful to throw away clothes, my friend says “De, which is important the liver, loe loe not need any veil could be good”, my friend was not wrong but for me the veil is the nature of obedience to GOD and my social nature of guard myself against the tug towing eye berburung creatures called men, who sometimes can not turn a blind eye when beautiful women milling about, and the hijab is to protect me, from being the devil as a tempter, NO! )

Is not it wonderful will be more beautiful when closed, would be interesting if it is not visible, it will remain a mystery, that will never complete unless it has, something that can not be revealed let alone touched will cause longing … well hidden and maintained will have a high value hijab … no, no appeal, no longing … not GOD is a mystery, and we all miss him hidden, you can imagine if GOD our world visible to the eye right? 🙂

Yes, this is me who never got an answer why I was suddenly electrocuted and wearing the hijab … only GOD has the answer because I was not able to answer, certainly when your forehead on the mat, as tears spilled when tahajud, when a hand shot up to begged forgiveness, when the point zero is the point of my submission for all that GOD Leave it to me, when there is no distance between GOD and I, when I close my chest scarf, ankle-length skirt as a present my jewelry, then this is the real happiness I was looking for yesterday …

Pray for me strong and focused well with the steps I swing it … Wish me strong and focused well to the dance without a mask, with strings of beads and hamdallah … I want to die with a preferred outfit GOD)

Oh my GOD reinforced, until I close my eyes, take responsibility for all my actions in the Supreme Court belongs to Allah …

* dibalik kerudung wajahmu tersembunyi … … [Rhoma rhythm mode ON] *

From: http://rinduku.wordpress.com/dibalik-kerudung/


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