I want to write about love, but not love between people, I want to write about God’s love. So I’m sorry if there are already thinking I want to write about love others. You can skip this post.

In my opinion, the love of God that is simple and layman can be divided into two: the first, which was accepted by everyone, …
The second, which is accepted by the specific / particular group.

The first type is most easily seen – although many do not want to see it. God’s love is given without exception. Big, small, old, young, poor want, want to be rich, like the president or beggars, all the codes. Example is oxygen. Everyone can breathe oxygen without exception. Also in the form of clean water, sunny weather, a safe, and a variety of other affections. Provided free of charge – although there is also what makes it a business, or even ruin a disaster.

The second type is the most often misunderstood – even though his explanation was everywhere. God’s love is given specifically. There was not a wealthy person around us, O, tap abundant sustenance while others sometimes dripping sometimes not kerannya. There is also a popular person, a celebrity, all are easy for him, while the other, no one cares. Or there is a powerful, all subject to the orders, otherwise there is persecuted under. This specific affection, possessed only certain people. Why would anyone who is clearly hypocritical turns out he was rich? Why would anyone who is clearly evil, corrupt rulers turned out to be? Why would anyone who is clearly a devastating effect, violate the command of God for the surrounding area turned out to precisely get the love of God? why do these people not precisely struck by lightning? Well, that’s why I say, this is the love that is often misunderstood.

There was a heavy smoker, petantang petenteng say, “see, I many years of smoking, healthy tuh, even my friends who do not smoke all dead ahead.” This guy is completely wrong-fatal respective ideologies. Because really, that is the form of love of God given to him specifically, given health is concerned though every minute self-destruct. Or in other cases, there are concerts like crazy in a city court, adultery happens everywhere, the dark clouds that impede the city was not so rainy. And if it rains, the concert could disband it. If there PD concert goers who once boasted, “Look, do not be raining, right? Take a look yesterday at the grand mosque sermons fit. Dismiss all because of the rain.” It is also fatal wrong-their respective ideologies. He was wrong to understand this kind of love God.

Why does God still give love to those who evil? To israel for example, their country strong, powerful, brave alone (with allies anyway) faces all Muslims, why did God not punish them? not defending the oppressed Palestinian people? Is not easy to be that if God wants, send 10 on the Richter scale earthquake in Tel Aviv, all gone. Why is not it happening? Because that’s the mystery of God’s love.

Why do evil people around us can be rich, powerful, and this is precisely the wealth and power it makes for wrongdoers to the surrounding area? Sebalilknya people obedient, pious, precisely not rich, and target penzaliman. It was again the mystery of God’s love. The second type of love is God’s absolute right. Can not protest-protest.

So, as believers, it is our duty to take every wisdom scattered about. Take a lesson from anything that is written all around us. So that we do not misunderstand the kind of affection with their own prejudices, their own assessment. Because always remember, anything that looks good, is not necessarily good for us, and anything that looks bad, not necessarily really bad for us. Always remember, the ultimate form of compassion that it takes the form of a true, if we fail to understand in this world, later in the final days will be explained.

Is our current life is hard? crushing burden of the mind? Confusion? A lot of the work is not completed? Debts piling up? Problems arise everywhere? Arguments? Betrayed? Hurt? If so, come on, close your eyes for a moment, with all these issues, I assure you really love God is always close to us. If we can not see with the naked eye. Try to see with the other eye, which may never be used. Look with the eyes of our heart 🙂

Good luck.


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