Preventing smoking habits in children


Why would a child (both boys and girls), it suddenly becomes a smoker? I’m no expert, never do research, study, or adequate survey about this. However, based on observations of many years, in my opinion, the biggest cause of their sudden whim smoking are: the influence of friends.

In a family with parents smoked, in fact, there was nothing exemplary smoke directly. I mean, there’s no telling father, seduce, lure children to smoke – even though he was a heavy smoker. Most, precisely to prevent their children becoming smokers not to end up like him. Rarely find cases of parents who do not understand the dangers of smoking. So even though he was a heavy smoker and a low level of concern about this, at least until the age of adolescence, the majority of parents will keep their children from bad habits that damage. There are indeed parents and even children left primary school still smoke, but we are not talking issues such exceptions.

So who will be exemplary, seduce, lure-fishing, and even be the motivation for a teen smoking? The answer is a friend. Whether it’s school friends, a neighborhood, a village, an a aplaymatesand so on. Bad influence came from the circle. Smoking advertisements on television or other media is tempting, but in this case there is no temptation is more effective than the ‘whisper friends’.

Now what’s the solution?

1. Prevention is always better. It’s always the best principle. So Instill ‘hatred’ smoking in children from an early age. Do not be a super-extreme, just with simple logic, then they can cultivate a good understanding. Always remind them to choose good friends. One-on-one good friend is characteristic: non-smokers. Of course we were told to make friends, hang out regardless of religion, race, nationality, customs, and so on. But there is a big difference between GOOD FRIEND and mingle with the crowd. Associating the one with anyone, but choose your friends.

2. Check periodically our children. Privacy and so it is the terminology of freedom belongs to another culture. In my family, we can define for themselves what is privacy. So, check school bags, closets, children’s room may be, are recommended at regular intervals. Teenagers who smoke in scale starter, likes to hide his cigarette, and actions such as this can help solve problems early before overdo. Just as a suggestion: do not ever put a computer / internet-access devices in a child’s room, it’s also good logic. The sooner a problem is known, the better.

3. Punishment. Do we have to punish teenagers who get caught smoking? I’m not the expert on this – and obviously my inexperienced. But decisive action, whether it’s reflected in the words or actions will make a principle of pins. Sometimes, a rule is broken, due to lack of discipline.

4. Well, the last, pray. It sy’m not kidding. Whatever the situation, both our teens do not smoke, or have smoked, and stubborn once told to stop, then pray. Raise both hands, form the best hope that the next generation, our children become better. Away from actions that undermine futile, given the noble character, and have a good understanding of life.

Come on, rather than be friends with my friends who like to smoke, wander at night, better choose friends with better activity. Remember always, cool, great, cool, and so it was never attached to someone older who like to smoke. So if there is still some comments: if we are not good friends with those who smoke, who will make them better? This logic is theoretically 100% correct, but practically not. Even making yourself better so we often oversized, let alone want to make others better. Comments can only be issued by a person who is personally able to fortify themselves and were able to provide a positive impact on its surroundings. Our teenage kids are not. So let your parents, good books, the adults are doing. There are still many people who are concerned over this bad habit.

* Happy weekend


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