Tutorial Hijab Muslim

Tutorial Hijab Muslim

Got a rainbow pashmina but seem confused about how to use it so fashionable? Let’s follow the practical tutorials from Vemale.Com this rainbow scarf. In just a few minutes you can look unique and beautiful.

1. Use the inner veil ninja, then use your rainbow pashmina.

2. Take a slight left hand, pull the pin and pinned on the right side of the pashmina.

3. Use your favorite headband a bit wide at the top of your head to touch the beautiful appearance.

4. Take your favorite trinkets that can be pinned on a headband. Subtleties unique ribbon like picture can be your alternative.

5. Take the long side of the pashmina, but use the right side of the pashmina as shown to form a beautiful silhouette in the chest.

6. Pull the right side of the pashmina loosely through the left side of the head to the right of the head, as shown.

7. Completed. Look, beautiful and unique is not it? No need for complicated creative and unique appearance.

Good luck hijabers. ^ ^


One thought on “Tutorial Hijab Muslim

  1. Cartas y Poesias de amor Mei 23, 2013 pukul 1:19 am Reply

    No he podido resistir la tentación de publicar un comentario.
    ¡Muy bien dicho!

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