Tutorial Hijab With Headband

Tutorial Hijab With Headband

Pretty Hijab Style With Flower Headbands

Would appear feinim but still look beautiful? You can still wear a bandana with floral accents or to sweeten the look. Try this hijab style, practical and make you look beautiful.

1. Moroccan Ciput
2. Hijab paris small flowers with a slight accent or plain
3. Bandana accented with small flowers
4. Some pin or pin

The steps:
1. Use ciput Moroccan, fold into a triangle scarf paris.

2. Wear a long veil paris with the right and left alike.

3. Bring paris scarf through the neck to the right front, then pinned with a safety pin on the back of the left ear.

4. Cover the embedded earlier in hijab paris on the left.

5. The remaining contacts will end jilbab paris, merge into one and take it through
left shoulder. Wear bandana fabric with floral accents at the top of the head. Adjust the position as you wish.


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