Ready she was kept for Special Events and Party


Well i want a party invitation. Ease grooming like what? As a Muslim, of course, obliged to keep the genitals remain closed and still looks okay though understated look. Here are some tips from Vemale for a stylish appearance but polite to come to the party.

1. Inner Ninja

Always use inner ninja hijab, because it will allow you to perform any veil creations. Besides better coverage inner ninja in the closing part of the head to the neck than the other inner veil. Customise the color of the inner veil and hijab clothing that you will use. Usually people use the inner veil come off to deliver the luxury. But if the form of the inner veil is thus incompatible with the shape of your face, no matter using ordinary inner ninja headscarf.

2. Clothing

Use the maxi dress, because it will make you look more graceful. If you are a women who had a male trait, use a loose tops and wide like a robe or a knee-length kaftan and mix with dark pants. increation veil is simple and neat, the result will be more polite and gracious. Use the hijab headscarf without motive because it sounded more elegant and not too crowded.

3. Make Up

Affirmed the eyes by using eye liner. Use soft colors on the lips, such as soft pink, nude, soft orange, and then applied a little lip gloss to sparkle effects. Use foundation or BB Cream to provide a more smooth and evenly. apply powder and blush color adjusted.

4. Perfume

You will meet a lot of people, so you need to look convincing. Use the perfume that suits your personality. Do not over or excessive use of perfume as it will only make others uncomfortable with your body scent.

5. Accessories

Because, basically, he was kept was not to attract attention, do not overdo the accessories you use. When you use accessories that sparkle and blink-blink kinds of gemstones and gold, use only on one part only. If you do not like to be flashy, flower brooch with feather accents can be an alternative that makes you look feminine.

We tend to want to look very special for the party. Actually you need to do to attend a party that probably only 30 minutes or a few hours, just look neat and clean. However, the current hijab fashion is highly developed and we can be creative with the appearance of the hijab but still simple.

Hopefully the above tips can help you prepare for your special hijab appearance to the party, Ladies.


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