“How can we know the girl is good for us?”

The question: “How can we know the girl or boyfriend is good for us?”

Answer: There are so many way. One of the only (and obviously this is just one of a kind) is, see how he’s keeping himself honor, and the honor of the people around him.

Honor yourself is about keeping feelings, dressed (if she’s a Muslim, by the way he was kept closing his private parts), look (do not make men become tempted), bring yourself (wherever he is he can always put himself and brings himself) , hanging out and so on. Honor the people around him is about putting, respect and treat others, ranging from how to talk to the attitudes and actions. If he likes pointing, ordering, denied haphazardly, definitely not. If he even dressed just do not feel important, obviously not.

If she can keep honor yourself and honor the people around him, then he is very close to being able to keep the honor of her husband and his family later.

~Nice post : Darwis Tere Liye


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