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Hijab Pashmina Motif Bunga

Hijab Pashmina Motif Bunga

Pashmina Motif Bunga

Bahan: Shifon
Size : 175 cm x 60 cm
Price: Rp 36.000


Hijab Pashmina Two Tone

Hijab Pashmina Two Tone

Pashmina Two tone

Bahan: ceruti
Size : 180 cm x 65 cm
Price: Rp 38.000

Ini yang Harus di Ingat

Kalau kalian ingin ‘melupakan’ sesuatu/seseorang justeru cara efektfinya adalah dengan jangan dilupakan.

Kalau kalian ingin mencari perhatian sesuatu/seseorang justeru cara efektifnya adalah dengan jangan diperhatikan.

Tapi ini jurus sakti, jadi perlu banyak hal untuk menguasainya. Selamat berlatih.



Ada banyak pintu datangnya rasa suka. Sebagian besar menggunakan mata dan telinga.

Tapi orang-orang yg paham menggunakan pintu hatinya.


–Tere Liye

* The Best Scenario


Thou knowest, O raindrops, tears had dried, sleeping rough, eating bad, smile plays, but let God saw everything.

Thou knowest, O rustling wind, if I may, wish kutitipkan many things to you, tell him a word, but it can not do, let God saw everything.

Thou knowest, O geckos in the distance, every time you say ‘tokekk’, I’d love to count, one for yes, one for no, then expect you to go off once again that the answer is’ yes’, and expect you to stop if it is’ yes ‘but it can not do, let God hear everything.

Thou knowest, O wall cracks, really I do not know how the breakdown of the liver, the day after tomorrow, it’s easy fix retakanmu wall, live capture of cement and sand, but my heart somehow replace it, but let God saw everything.

O those who missed, so tonight, I’ll give the glad tidings of a wise counsel. You know, the books beautiful love romance films are moving, these poems confuse feeling blue, it’s all written by the author. So, let it be, let it be the story of you a special feeling, written directly by God. Always trust the best.