Hijab for Round Face


Round face has characteristics forehead to chin distance equal to the distance of the two temples and cheeks covered jawbone, cheekbone covered cheek. Examples of the artist with a round face is Rossa

For those of you Hijabers who have a round face, you should use a scarf to cover most outer cheek. If the model of wear hijab Bergo / pet hat, choose a close up on the right side of your cheek bones left, this suggests your face look longer.

Wear a scarf or veil that covers half of the cheeks to cover the chubby cheeks. Pull up the cheeks covered half the cheeks adds little in your face. Use material loose / fall, thus giving the effect of a slimmer face. Materials lightweight knit, crepe, chiffon corn fiber function gives the dimension between the face and the hood, so the disguise cheek “chubby”. And materials that should be avoided is a silk chiffon (which too fell and thin) and a thin T-shirt that will emphasize your round face texture. In addition, you can also wear hijab fabric with asymmetric models with one side of the veil covering most of the cheek (model dian rainbow) will disguise a round face and creates a distance between the face and hood.

If using ciput arab, you should not wear it too fell close all forehead / brow you, this will also be impressed shorten your face (the face will look more rounded). Similarly ciput ninja, if using ciput ninja who has stitches under the ears, the forehead should not be covered because it will make the face look shorter.

Avoid wearing hijab ciput or a super tight and cover your forehead, and highlight your cheeks.
May be usefull 😀


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