Themed holidays


To my knowledge to win in Formula 1 racing car riders should do a pit stop [pause in the pit lane to refuel, check the condition of the engine, change the tires]. Similarly to win in the competition of life you need a “pit stop”, stop for a moment the way a vacation.

So that more meaningful vacation, not just a holiday, make a holiday theme. Thus, the time, energy and money that you spend not in vain.

Mid-2012, our family holiday themed entrepreneur. My wife and son entrepreneurs learn directly from the perpetrators in Jogjakarta. To hone concern, do not forget we visited one orphanage in the town gudeg it. Culinary and visiting tourist spots we would not forget.

This year-end holidays, a family holiday themes we are studying fotograpi. We visited historical places and tourist attractions in East Java. Each camera is equipped with a child, they compete to take the best pictures. The winner gets a gift from me.

To make it more exciting, we bring in a professional photographer to train them. In the meantime, my duty to serve them and, of course, a cashier’s best for them. Hehehe …

In order for your holiday meaningful, be the best servant for them. The habit of giving orders in the workplace for a while you throw it away. Serving the family is a great pleasure and a rewarding his side.

Let children learn to make their own decisions. Our job polishing the things that became less and support their strengths. When there is a difference desire, let them discuss it, let them practice on empathy, synergy and try to respect the wishes and opinions of others.

The holidays are the time and the right moment to interact. Avoid the holidays but busy with their own, let alone sleep more than talking. Applause, hugs, praise and naughtiness you children need during the holidays together. Do not waste the chance to be like “children” again.

Make sure after the holidays, everyone who participated was enlightened, energy and new experiences that are difficult oblivion. Once a “pit stop” (vacation) is over, they are ready for the race of life with great passion and enthusiasm. It all can happen when you use a particular theme holidays, not from vacation …


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