Do not Drink Drugs Consumption is currently


When sick, that comes to mind is taking in order hijabers body healthy again as usual. Apparently there are some beverages that should not be taken together when hijabers taking drugs. remember and take a good look yach …

Do not Drink Drugs Consumption is currently

Taking medicine is basically to get the effect and efficacy of the drug. Well, so the drug could work well on your body, it is advisable to avoid some of these drinks. That is because some of these drinks can damage sintem drugs work. Drinks in question, including the following.

Isotonic Drinks
The content of potassium in the isotonic drinks turns dangerous when taken together with drugs for heart failure or drugs for hypertension. Also avoid bananas, because the fruit also contains high potassium.

Grapefruit juice
Apparently this refreshing grapefruit juice interfere with the performance of more than 50 drugs. A study conducted at the University of Western Ontario shows that grapefruit juice increases the absorption or absorption of certain drugs as well as change the dose becomes excessive.

Pomegranate juice
Substance enzyme found in pomegranate juice to break down the effects of blood pressure medication. Pomegranate juice may slow the speed of the liver to break down blood thinners. On the antidepressants, the effect is causing the decline of the effectiveness of the drug.

All kinds of dairy products are taken close to taking the drug can reduce the absorption of antibiotics in the body and inhibit the absorption of certain components in the drug, such as iron. Calcium in milk may also interfere with the effectiveness of thyroid medication and bind drugs or antibiotics, preventing the absorption of the drug in the body. We recommend that you wait for about four hours after taking the drug to consume calcium-rich beverage.

Caffeinated Drinks
Caffeine was able to pose a serious threat when taken with stimulants. So, avoid drinking a cup of coffee or other caffeinated beverages when to take ephedrine or appetite suppressant drugs, asthma drugs, and amphetamines. Give the distance between two to three hours before you drink coffee after taking the drug.

Avoid drinking wine when you are taking antidepressants, because it can cause hypertension, headache, fast heartbeat, and stroke. A similar effect may occur in energy drinks.

Substance coumadin and warfarin drug works to prevent blood clotting, while green tea contains less vitamin K, which can reduce the effects of these drugs. So, if you want to take the drug should avoid drinking green tea simultaneously.

By considering a good drink when taking the drug, you can get the most out of the drug and did not interfere with the performance of the body.


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