Meaning of “Beauty Woman” Actual


Beauty care “inner beauty” or in layman’s more we know as the “beauty of the soul” eternal beauty can not be injected with silicon, helped by plastic surgery or in the patient with a special cream. If women really want to understand the real beauty of it is:

1. Net
Not only diraga hygiene should be on guard is the soul. Always positive thingking free from envy and jealousy. Always strive to be the best for the people around him. Do not store the anger, to open up to accept other people’s opinions, and also provide an opportunity forgiving. Clean it accept what is, grateful for what we got. With grateful and proud of what we milikisekarang we be steady and confident in moving forward. Beautiful as any if he does not have confidence kecantikanya will sink to the pessimistic nature of it.

2. Always Smiling
Women have to be tough, he should be able to be in any circumstances. Accept what is and is not like to complain. He is always smiling at each step, does not show his sadness confronted others. Smiling makes us open beauty aura so beautifully. Women are as beautiful like her daughter rajabila menunjukakn gloomy face, sullen and moody beauty will not shine at all. That no one will be lazy cheek by jowl with a woman like that.

3. Honest
Honest nature beauty became one of the strengths of the soul. He always spoke what he heard, to express what he saw, confirming what he knew. Not a few women now indifferent about honesty slightest. Be honest woman from now onwards, the beauty will you get by itself

4. Clever
Women must be multitalented, able to do whatever it is. He was a treasurer of the family finances are reliable, dependable husband manager, tutor children and can be a deft housekeeper.

5. Shy
Shy here not not want to socialize with others. Every woman should have a sense of shame, shame acts violate the norms of good norms of decency and morality. “Poison woman world” it’s one song from The Changcuters penggalanlirik.

It is true as women we have to be careful, do not self-indulgence, especially shamelessly act at will and do not want to know the circumstances around us. Do not invite people here act insolent towards us. Lovely lady luna maya classmates will become ugly when he was being arrogant, selfish and tends to act without restraint itself.

6. Maintain Reputation
After everything we have is to maintain the reputation of the latter. This is difficult as we know oriental culture, if we make a mistake once already ruined what we develop for years and we had to start from scratch. So, be careful keeping reputation.

Now it’s up to you. Want obsessed with beauty barby style, with buy cream bleach, dyed her hair blond, shopping clothes and expensive accessories or just a beauty like mother Siti Khotijah with all the “beauty of body and soul”.


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