Spirit hijabers morning, today there who are in love do not ya?? Create hijabers who are in love, his mood was definitely like the garden flowers nich, hmm …. So many flowers, well, wonderful really sure: D. Want to know if the person who made the hearts vibrate hijabers dag-dig-dug abysmally love it too? consider a few things below to find out he’s in love with you or not, cekidot!!


1. People who love you will never be able to give reasons why he loves you. All she knows in her heart and her eyes there is only one you.

2. Although you already have a special friend or loved one, he did not care! For him the important thing you happy and you remain a dream.

3. People who love you always accept you for what it is, at heart, and you’re always the prettiest eyes even though you might feel you’ve gained weight.

4. People who love you always wanted to know about what you are going through all day, she wants to know you activities.

5. People who love you will send SMS like ‘good morning’, ‘have fun’, ‘good night’, ‘take care’, etc., even if you do not reply to his SMS, because SMS submissions he stated it was his love , expressed in a different way, not “I LOVE you”.

6. If you celebrate the new year and you’re not invited to the party that you held, at least be a he’ll make a telephone call to congratulate or send SMS.

7. People who love you will always remember every event that she went through with you, maybe even your own events have forgotten, for the moment it is a precious moment for him. and then, his eyes glazed sure. because being with you does not always happen.

8. People who love you always remember every word you say, possibly even the words that you yourself forget ever mengungkapkanny a. because he pinned the words in your heart, how many words do you Tell the hopeful it, and eventually you destroy? surely you’ve forgotten, but not the people who love you.

9. People who love you will learn songs fond indulgence you, maybe even borrow CD’s you, because he wants to know what you kgemaran – your favorite favorite too, although difficulty fond liking you, but in the end he could.

10. When was the last time you met, you may be sick, he was always going to send an SMS or make a telephone call to ask you to state – because he was worried about you, care about you.

11. If you said it would take an exam, he would ask when the exam took place, and when the day comes he will send SMS ‘good luck’ to encourage you.

12. People who love you will give her an item that may be for you it is something ordinary, but her stuff was very special.

13. People who love you will be silent for a moment, when you’re talking on the phone with you, so that you become confused. Actually at that time she was very nervous because you have rattled world.

14. People who love you always want to be around you and wants to spend his days just with you.

15. If at any time you have to move to another area, he would always advise that you be alert to the environment that may be a bad influence on you. and much his heart he was really scared of losing you, never heard of ‘much in the eyes, close to hearts?’

16. People who love you act more like siblings than like a lover.

17. People who love you often do things that make you angry, as you called them 100 times a day. Or surprise you in the middle of the night by sending SMS. Actually when he was thinking about you.

18. People who love you sometimes miss you and do things that make you dizzy. But when you say his actions make you disturbed he will apologize and will never do it again.

19. If you ask him to teach you something, he will teach you patiently even though you might be the dumbest person in the world!. in fact he was so excited because it can help you. he never dodged you demand even as difficult as any that demand.

20. If you look at his cell phone then your name will adorn most of his INBOX. He still had text messages from you even if you send it for months or years ago. He also keeps your letters in place, and all the typical gift you become valuable objects for him.

21. And if you try to distance themselves from it or react to reject it, he would realize it and disappear from your life, even if it kills him.

22. If at any time you miss her and want to give him a chance he will be there waiting for you because he never actually looking for someone else. He was always waiting for you.

23. People who love you so much, never forcing you to give reasons, although her wriggle want to know, because he does not want you burdened by it. when you asked him to go, he went without blame you, because he really understand what love is.


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