* Think the sane, and start caring


I once wrote on this page, not only once, often even. In a democracy these days, when everyone has the right voice, the right to do whatever he wants to do, then the issue of morality would be an easy target. Now, you want to know how the destruction of the world? Then take a look at other countries, learn from them.

Japan, Korea, it is the countries with remarkable noble culture. If you have a guy friend there, ask them to ask their grandparents first. 30 years ago they were very civilized set boy-girl relationships, the opposite sex. Today, only a matter of 20-30 years, all such vanished no trace. the people living in the house but not the normal couple, artists, celebrities show that, the affairs of each.

Especially if you want to learn from western countries there. President of Americans said gay and lesbian couples ‘right to marry’. Today she says with confidence, whatever the look on his face when his two daughters married the day after tomorrow with a kind woman. In Europe, a minister admitted fag commonplace. In one state, the state capital is the leader of cohabiting couples, one should not, can still be first ladies. Who is banned? They all do not mind. People they said okay, no problemo, wrap.

We? What will happen 20, 30 years from now? It may be the same. Next to the house you were unmarried couples, the front of your house same-sex couples. If most of the people of Indonesia is very bodo, close your eyes, take care of each one about morality, then that time will come sooner.

It’s easy to make damaged a generation through free life, free association. So what? After all, without being bombarded by the spectacle, dsbgnya, they also have eagerly been hit sign-rambunya. It’s easy to enter this understanding, because young people tend to want to know.

So start caring. Is there not a lot of American people who obey the religion? Buanyaaak, man. Diligent to houses of worship, diligent reading scripture, but staying little cares. Issues of morality as simalakama fruit in the world today. So the ultimate weapon to attack when no one decides to care, always say, take care of each one, do not mind to self-righteous, dsbgnya.

Take care of our children, protect our friends, relatives, family, whoever teenagers around us from understanding the damage. Admonished them, reminded constantly. Sometimes chaotic affair incredible, we take good care of our children, our teenagers, even spelled curb. We really care with the future of our children, our teenagers, arguably not even modern. While out there, that free-free just like doing, say that human rights, modern life.

Come take part to care. Or all really late, and you’re getting it, day after tomorrow, while on public transportation, find someone kissing, intimate-mesraan, do not care about, and hey, they are the same sex.

Overstated? Lebay? Save this article, go to another 20, 30 years.


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