Beauty Hijab


Greetings beautiful everything ..
To the sista and ukhti-ukhti are often confused ‘MIX’ and ‘MATCH’ headscarf or hijab, here are some tips to consider loh …
Is very important to create a veil that would mix and match with clothes .. let’s see!

1. Choose a basic color

Choose basic colors. Jilbab with basic colors such as black, white, gray, mocca or beige. If you dare, can also choose other colors like pink, blue and others. But make sure you have a base color, because it is more easily combined with any outfit.

2. Solid For motif or vice versa

When you use the motif clothing, use a plain headscarf. When you use plain clothes, use a scarf motif. Tricks like this are very easy and safe for the trouble you mix and match clothing Muslim. In addition, to avoid the impression in dress tacky or overdone.

3. Accessories Multifunction

Choose accessories that work for a variety of events. For example, flower brooch. The flower brooch paired with any outfit and headscarf basic colors can already make you look special, but keep it simple. Choose a brooch with a medium-size and shape that is not too crowded.

4. color line

For those of you who have not been able to mix and match clothing with headscarves, aligning the color of clothing could be an alternative. For example, a gray scarf paired with a white shirt and a long black skirt. Milk or brown scarf, white shirt paired with bones, and black subordinates to match any color.

These tips are very useful for you who are beginners in using the veil. The key is to avoid an overly busy patterns and colors are a hit and run. May be useful 🙂



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