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Hi hijabers,

Every day we often feel that time passes more quickly. You go to the office in the morning blind, through all the activities of a sudden clock struck 5 pm. You go home, bermacet-ria jammed on the road, arriving home late, you do not have much time and rest. Day continues to change without you knowing it.

In such a time of rapid change, our lives continue to get older. An advice we often hear, the more we age, the more reduced ration of our lives in this world. How short a time. Imagine if this short time we waste on useless things or we spend on something we do not like doing it.

How precious and limited our time, every second we waste means we waste our lives.

Take advantage of every moment that we have today buddy. Do not waste to caught up in dogmas or falsehood to make image pursue what others think about us. Live in accordance with the call of your soul and your heart, follow your intuition. Be wise in your decision, because you can not repeat time wasted.

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