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Tutorial Pashmina Simpel

Tutorial Pashmina Simpel

Assalamualaikum ukhti ^ ^
I want to share another tutorial with hijab veil paris ..
yaa hopefully useful …

1. paris triangle scarf
2. Moroccan inner
3. + 2 pin brooch / pin

1. Moroccan inner use and wear hoods paris with the same length (ga have created a triangle)
2. take all the parts the veil from right to left
3. (rear after step2)
4. take the long hood section from the left and turn to the right shoulder
5. Pin the end of the hood with a needle / pin
6. grab the front of the left, pull back and pinned with a pin / pin
7. (rear after step6)
8. accecories add brooches to beautify the scarf ^ ^
9. finish ..


Tutorial Hijab Simple

Tutorial Hijab Simple

step by step:
provide hijab paris
1. Fold into a triangle hijab ..
2. & 3. Pin with a pin to the right side ..
4. Take part in the left side of the veil ..
5. Raise the ear hook with a pin on the outside of the hijab ..
6. Spread the hijab right ..
7. Take it to the left shoulder ..
8. Pin with a needle in the back of the head ..
9. Take the remaining left upper hijab ..
10. & 11. Pin with a needle .. # finish ^ ^

Tag n share sist ^ ^

How to Wear Hijab Pashmina

refer to the following tutorial hijab, let’s practice hijabers 🙂

Tutorial Pashmina

Let’s refer to the following tutorial hijab …

hijab tutorial steps:
1. Spread bloom pasmina equal length between right and left.
2. Take part in bloom right pasmina.
3. Pull up on the head.
4. Flops with a pin.
5. Similarly, take part in bloom pasmina left.
6. Bloom Pasmina shaped cross.
7. Glue the beauty bross overhead.
8. Pull Left Part pasmina bloom, then flops with a pin.
9. Be Hijab pasmina elegant with a chic bloom ^ ^
You should try it

Hijab Tutorial Paris (part 2)

Let’s refer to the following tutorial hijab …

Tutorial Turban Hijab

Hijabers want to be different using paris hijab, let’s consider the following tutorial 


PLAY WITH PARIS chapter 2: Turban STYLE

1. fold scarf into a triangle paris
2. grab the tip veil, put asymmetric as in the picture
3. take the rest of the veil to the back neck
4. take it back to the top of the head
5. take it back to back neck
6. take the rest of the veil over his chest, pinned with a needle or pin in the neck
7. small brooch worn on the head

complete, simple but interesting ^ ^

Tutorial Hijab Paris #3


Wearing hijab paris with a different creation than usual, it could make the hijabers look more cheerful, let’s see the tutorial

Step by step

1. paris veil be spread wide, right and left sides the same length
2. take the right side to the left side
3. take it back to the front side, pull the tip of the right side to the top of the head (love needle)
4. result of no 1,2,3
5. take the left side to the back (love needles)
6 & 7. rest in front of the veil brought back
8. trim all the parts so that it looks in the picture

if there are not clear please comments ya 🙂